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What is Whole Heart Approved?


Whole Heart Approved is a wholefoods initiative to provide consumers with the ultimate user-friendly heart healthy advice at a glance. We want to make it easy for you to tell if a food is good for your heart, and made from real ingredients. We know reading labels is frustrating and takes time, so we’re doing that for you, and will present it to you in an easy Shopping Guide.


Our Philosophy:

  • We believe in eating real food
  • We believe that our food choices influence our heart health
  • We believe it should be easy to tell if a food is good for our heart
  • We want to reduce the time you spend reading food labels, ingredients lists and understanding food claims.


Coming soon!

Whole Heart Approved is an initiative of Natural Heart Health and Accredited Practising Dietitian Kate Pollard.  We’re busy analysing the research, reading labels, walking the supermarket aisles and creating a helpful guide that will assist you in making easy, heart healthy, wholefood choices.


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